Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Blessings

This is a really pretty little Christmas montage that really hits home at this time of the year:,1,Slide 1

It really makes you think about counting your blessings. I've been pretty unhappy for a few years. This really got through to me, maybe it's a sign that things really will start to get better for me. wah wah. Anyway I'm very lucky to have a healthy family, beautiful grandchildren, a very good job with good benefits, good friends, a roof over my head. So yeah, life is good and I have a lot more blessings to count in the future.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Lately things seem to slowly get better, I'm starting to catch up with the bills, my job is better since I have a new boss, my car loan is close to being paid off, the kids are well. Well, as well as they can be... Today I'm counting my blessings, my drivers side wiper died yesterday and my mechanic feared that it would be very costly. Today she said she thinks [hopes!] she ordered the correct part for only $20 but she won't know until she takes the entire thing apart. If she can fix it today, I can drive it home tonight, no problem. If she can't because she ordered the wrong part, I will probably have to take tomorrow off rather than take the chance of driving in the upcoming snow storm. And the correct part being the entire assembly will cost a lot more! So, I'm going to look at it positively and I'm sure the $20 part is the right one. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the following inspirational Hollywood movie speeches 2-minute montage:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scary Goldinuniverse

I was blog surfing and on E Deconstructed found a link to a free online personality test: Talk about weird & scary, since so much is true [well not the "orderly" part...]

"Date: 12/2/2008 Colorgenics Number:
You have a vivid imagination and this is good. Great inventors, explorers all had inventive, imaginative minds. Your friends and acquaintances may consider you over-imaginative and given to fantasy or day-dreaming. So what ? this is a part of your character and charm.

You are very orderly, methodical and self sufficient. You demand and need the respect, recognition and understanding of all those who enter into your sphere on influence.

You are confined and trapped in a distressing or uncomfortable situation and seeking some way out. Whatever you seem to do to resolve the problem hasn't worked out. Fortunately you are able to gain some aspect of relief from someone close to you.

You are being unduly influenced by the situation that is all around you. You do not like the feeling of loneliness and whatever it is that seems to separate you from others. You know that life can be wonderful and you are anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to live it to the full. You therefore resent any restriction or limitations that are being imposed on you and you insist on going it alone.

You are anxious about all the limitations to which you are subjected to at this time. You feel that you are not valued for what or who you are. You need OUT. So why procrastinate any longer - MOVE!"

This pretty much blew me away, how can they come up with this stuff from picking out colors you like?! Should I let the little color blocks tell me to finally move to Vegas to become a showgirl? [haha, I'm a 48 year old grannie...]