Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's all the same fuckin' day, man...: Any close friend of my sister is a friend of This family

It's all the same fuckin' day, man...: Any close friend of my sister is a friend of This family

Any close friend of my sister is a friend of This family

These are excerpts from emails from my sister, Beth:
"You know there are only certain people you work with every 10 years or so that really touch you- and she is definitely one of them. Always always asked me how my daughter was, how I was, just a kind quiet person. She would never ask for anything, she was upset that I made dinner for them the other night cause she doesn’t ask for a thing.

Her name is Tami Schlosser, and she is my age, has 4 kids ranging from 24/21/11/7 years old and her and her husband have been married since they were 17 and moved out here from Ohio about 12 years ago. She is the kindest, most considerate person I work with, and has been such a great friend to me since I moved out here listening to my adjustment woes. She is the one that kept after [work] management and convinced them they had to rehire me even though they were not hiring anybody, but she got me back here to work.

Her husband is a [self-employed] subcontractor and about a week ago wasn’t feeling good, then had to go to hospital he was in so much pain and they just found out 3 days ago it’s colon cancer spreading to his liver. It is apparently advancing rapidly and it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. She has a monster mortgage and little kids and they live paycheck to paycheck; he does not get paid when he doesn’t work so she is going to get 1 more check from his job and that is it.

He is having surgery this week, but things do not look good and my heart really breaks for her…she’s been trying to come to work all week but finally took today off to take him to a specialist. "

The surgery was earlier this week and sadly, when they opened him up they discovered the cancer had spread more than expected. The surgeon worked for 5 hours and apparently told Tami that any other surgeon would have closed him up and sent him home. However, they removed as much of the cancer as possible. So the prognosis is not good and this is such a tragedy.

A friend or relative of the Schlosser family started a fundraiser:

Beth shared a Facebook link "Raise Money for Daryl Schlosser's Medical Expense Fundraiser": "Please, check out the following link; a very good friend of mine's husband has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon and liver cancer at 49 years old. They are a wonderful family with 4 beautiful children, and can use any help we can give them!"

Please help this family, any little bit counts. Imagine your spouse being diagnosed with what is probably terminal cancer only a week after feeling sick, just out of the blue. This guy was fit and took care of himself, he was an athelete and couch. He was self-employed so that he could spend more time with his kids.  Now he has No Income and are facing horrifying medical bills. Please click on the link and donate any amount.  So, friends and family, just on the basis of giving back to someone who supported my sister emotionally as well as helping her get a job when she was desperate, please make any size donation to the Schlosser fundraiser. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Sassy.