Monday, June 15, 2009


I guess I never posted after Friendsgiving about the event itself. The night of Friendsgiving went bad with Mike, he was pretty drunk. Friendsgiving was a lot of fun but waaaaaayyyy too much work. Mike not only made delicious gravy after he came to my house, he made prime rib & gravy for that plus asparagus at his house and brought it already sliced on this big platter all decorated with the asparagus. Of course he was drinking too much and got rebuked by Y because he kept calling KM a little bitch in his fond manner. I was a little embarrassed. He was only kidding with her, and she knew that, but Y said [imagine Island accent here:] 'no more of dat, man, dat's de 3rd time you called KM a bitch.' Luckily Mike didn't get mad about it or rude, he just said he didn't mean anything by it. He looked so puzzled, it's actually a little funny in retrospect. No one was helping to clean up after eating, so Y completely took over my kitchen, doing dishes, putting food away, then Mike joined in [I doubt he would have if Y hadn't started cleaning] and it got really quiet & uncomfortable but it was all cleaned up in less than 10 minutes so I was very happy about that. Y doesn't like him & he's told me he doesn't like the way Mike talks to me. After the food, Y started blasting his f-ing reggae and his black friend G was there with her adult daughter, nice people. Anyway we all start dancing [if you can't beat them join them], the daughter was trying to teach me that booty-in-your-face move, it was hysterical. Anyway Y starts smoking pot and Mike imagined that one or both of the friends were smoking crack. He goes, 'I’m out of here', really nasty, to me so I left with him. He was like, I am not hanging around with crackheads especially with little kids in the same room. I’m like, there is no way G was smoking crack, maybe pot but definitely not crack! She’s a foster mom and she’s a saint. He was right, of course, about smoking Anything in the same room as little kids, I don't like it either. So he doesn't always play well with others, but in that case he used good judgment even though he was rude. Oh well. I love my Mikey, can't help it.

Happy today

I had the most fantastic weekend, the only things that could have made it better would have been having my grands with me, too. Mike came over Saturday afternoon and actually stayed until pretty late last night. [He usually leaves no later than 3 pm on Sundays, and often leaves first thing in the morning Sunday & then comes back but lately he's just staying straight through so that makes me very happy.] We had such a really good time, T & Y joined us for drinks and then K came over to get ready for a party she was going to & that was really wonderful. Mike was super talkative and social, he was very nice to Y which was good because he was such a jerk on Friendsgiving, but I think Y is over it by now. K asked me for money for something valid, and Mike handed her all the singles in his wallet even though he's extremely broke right now. He's normally like that anyway, he's very giving. I love him so much and I think he loves me in his way although he just won't say it, he seems much warmer to me lately. K spent the night, which was really good since she was drinking, and then hanged out with us for a couple of hours after she woke up. T and kids were in and out all day; they adore Mike because he loves to play with them. Who would imagine that such a mean looking man just melts with little kids. Even though I drank too much last night, and I'm paying for it today, I am so happy today.