Monday, September 28, 2009

My weekend, again

Since no one comments I believe no one is reading these blogs so I have no fear of boring to tears or turning anyone's stomachs with my sappy pathetic life. hahaahha. This is therapeutic for me plus it's like a diary, someday I'll be glad I wrote this stuff down, I should have started sooner, there's a lot of my history with Mike that I'm hazy on.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV yesterday, I had changed into a T-shirt & lounge pants. We were discussing the pros and cons of his spending the night on a "school night" and I pointed out that if he went home to sleep, he'd be alone & wouldn't have "my fat white ass" to grab during the night. I opened the "fat" door. [He has never once commented or complained about my weight problem, other than 1 time years ago when I said something self-deprecating about my size, he only commented that if I don't like my weight I should do something about it.] Anyway, we were talking about his liver & how amazing it is that his doc gave him a clean bill of health including the liver. I said something about my liver, that I'm planning on cutting back, and he said - yes, wait for it - it's because of your liver that you have a fat belly. He's never called me fat before, my immediate reaction was hurt, I turned away from him. But he immediately grabbed me, hugging me, put his hand under my shirt onto my stomach, he goes "Sassy, I care about you, I don't want you to have an enlarged liver, that's why your belly is fat." then he's like rubbing the Buddha's belly for good luck. But I couldn't be mad, it was actually really sweet. He's never said anything like that, it made me happy even if I was embarrassed.

Then we were talking about the job he really wants at the company & location he works at now, 30+ years. He won't know till the end of next week. He's talking about taking a transfer to California or Florida. Florida was news to me. He will definitely go if he doesn't get the job here. I said, you would leave your daughter? He goes, she can come with me if she wants. I said, you would leave ME? He mumbled something about buying a house. So who knows. I'd prefer Florida since my parents are there & if I had to, I could drive home to CT in 2 days in case the kids need me. He said, we'll discuss this if & when it's an issue. I can't believe he would leave me. So now I'm happy and scared...


LegalMist said...

Just because you get no comments doesn't mean no one is reading. The number of commenters is always fewer than the number of readers.

I often read several posts and comment only on one. Or read today's and don't comment at all.

I try to comment now & again, but sometimes I just don't have anything amusing, insightful, or interesting to add.

I'm here, though. :)

Sassy DaffyKassy said...

I definitely appreciate your comments, thanks so much LegalMist.

Sassy DaffyKassy said...

I seldom comment on other blogs, myself, like how many Attaboys are actually needed, right?